Olympian Gabby Douglas Visits Charlotte

Sep 5, 2012

A new children’s health initiative is using the London Olympics and the Democratic National Convention to promote better health on the ground. 

Children of all ages were pretty giddy.  They were meeting Olympic Gold medal Gymnist Gabby Douglas.

Jailiah Zanders:  "I was really excited to see the fab five and I was more excited about coming to see Gabby Douglas because she is one of my role models."

Twelve-year-old Jailiah Zanders and her mom joined dozens of others in downtown Charlotte for Kids Health Goes Gold.   Douglas says you don’t have to deprive yourself to be healthy.

  Gabby Douglas:  "No, you can have a little something here and a little something there, treat yourself to a good treat and always stay active."

Money raised at the event goes to organizations like the Levine Children’s Hospital.