Non-Citizens To Get Different Driver's Licenses

Feb 21, 2013

State DOT officials will issue redesigned driver's licenses later this year that will visually distinguish citizens from non-citizens.   Immigrants here under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will notice their licenses will have the words "No Lawful Status" printed on them.  State DOT spokeswoman Greer Beaty says those words will be in a bar across the top that will differ from the blue on a normal license.

North Carolina driver's license
Credit NCDOT

"That bar will be pink so it will be easy for officials and others to see that they have time limited status here," Beaty said.

The North Carolina ACLU was pleased about the re-issuing of immigrant licenses..but says the changes could lead to discrimination.  Raul Pinto is an ACLU attorney.

"These are people that are now going to be issued this license with a brand on it and it could just be a bull's eye," Pinto said.

The A-C-L-U says it may consider legal action if the state DOT makes the change.