No More Dillard's BBQ

Mar 17, 2011

The owners of Dillard’s Bar-B-Que in Durham have announced – “its season is up.” The long-time family restaurant will close Friday.

The cafeteria-style line to get food at Dillard’s Bar-B-Que has been a place to catch up with friends and to get a home-cooked hot meal. And Bar-B-Que makes up just a small part of the menu – which also includes fried fish, smothered chicken, an assortment of greens and more.  But Wilma Dillard says the business has run its course:

"We just closing it down.  We just closing it down."

Dillard says she wants to close while the Dillard name is still good in the community.

"And we need to restructure, re-organize, find out where we are and where we’re going. Because like I said, we’re not willing to sacrifice, we’re not going to keep tredding through this economical thing."

Dillard’s has been on Fayetteville Street in Durham for nearly 60 years.  It closes Friday.