A New Young Takes the Stand

Apr 30, 2012

It's day six of the John Edwards Trial and the wife of a former campaign aide is due back on the stand.

Jeff Tiberii: Sheri Young gave about 30 minutes of testimony Friday afternoon, occasionally sounding angry and irritated about the errands and assistance she once provided for John Edwards and his family. Sheri Young’s husband is Andrew Young, a former right-hand-man to Edwards. When Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter got pregnant she moved in with the Youngs. Andrew Young testified last week he received money from two wealthy donors to hide that affair and keep Hunter from going to the press. Andrew Young kept more than two thirds of the money and used most of it for additions on the family house. His wife Sheri is a witness for the prosecution and is expected to testify about the money in greater detail. Andrew Young said his wife handles the family’s finances. Sherri Young is expected to be under direct questioning for most of the day.