New Year Brings New Campaign Finance Rules

Jan 2, 2014

Credit NC General Assembly

Changes detailed in the state's new voting law now allow bigger donations for candidates. 

Political office seekers were able to start padding their campaign war chests once the calendar changed to 2014.  Candidates for any office can now accept up to $5,000 from a single contributor.  Before the new year, the contribution limit for most donors was $4,000.  Judicial candidates could only accept $1,000 per supporter. 

Lawmakers who backed the move said that the higher cost of running for office necessitated the change.  Opponents have highlighted two provisions of the new law they most disagree with.  They say the law halts disclosure of an organization's largest donors in print ads.  The opposition also dislikes the repeal of North Carolina's groundbreaking "Stand By Your Ad" provision requiring candidates to state in political spots that they "approve this message". 

The law also directs the State Board of Elections to revisit contribution limits every two years to see if the amounts should be raised.