New Witnesses Testify In Edwards Trial

May 3, 2012

At the John Edwards trial the pace of testimony has picked up.

Jeff Tiberii: Testimony on Wednesday was at times emotional as four different witnesses took the stand. Cate Edwards left the court in tears when a line of questions about her late mother came up. Moments later former staffer Christina Reynolds testified about a distraught Elizabeth Edwards in 2007. After finding out about her husband's continued infidelity Reynolds testified that the late Elizabeth was hysterical a private airplane hangar. Former aide Josh Brumberger took the stand for several hours. He recounted the 2006 night when John Edwards and Rielle Hunter met at the Regency Hotel in New York City. Brumberger later recalled raising concerns about Hunter's role on the campaign and her relationship with Edwards. Brumberger was ultimately fired. Cheri Young and former aide Matthew Nelson also testified yesterday. Nelson begins the morning on the stand.