New Policy To Control Feral Cats In Wake County

Jun 5, 2012

In the past, Wake County euthanized all unwanted cats. But not anymore. The county is adopting a new approach to control its feral cat population.

Asma Khalid: Feral cats are unsocialized. They can't live indoors. This new policy allows private animal groups the right to trap, neuter, vaccinate and then return these alley cats to the outdoors.  The Wake Audobon Society opposes the plan. It fears more outdoor cats will mean fewer birds. But, Pam Miller says that's not true.

Pam Miller: Really we want the same thing. We want to reduce these community cat populations to the point eventually where they won't be there.

Miller runs a cat shelter in Raleigh. She says neutering these cats is the best way to curb the population.  Private groups, like Miller's shelter, will pick up the tab for this new policy, instead of Wake County.