New Driving Laws Take Effect

Dec 1, 2010

Drivers will be subject to new laws taking effect today. Most involve licensing and license plates. One law adds a potential $100 penalty for having a license plate frame that covers important information on the plate. And commercial driver licenses will now expire after five years because of hazardous materials regulations. And more laws go into effect January 1st.

Marge Howell with the DMV says licensing laws are being relaxed for older drivers:

"Previously when you turned 55, the term of issuance was for 5 years, but now we’re making the 8 year licenses last longer and you can be up to 66 years old now."

But motorcycle drivers will no longer be able to renew their learner’s permits as many times as they want starting next year. They’ll only get one renewal of six months and then have to take a test to get a motorcycle endorsement on their licenses.   See the full press release here: