New Chapel Dedicated At Ft. Bragg

Jan 15, 2013

For the first time since the Vietman War era, Fort Bragg has a new chapel. The 82nd Airborne's All American Chapel replaces the old Division Memorial Chapel. It's a contemporary worship space - that features an environmentally-friendly design, more than 22-thousand square feet, and seating for more than 600. Base Spokesman Ben Able says the pinnacle of the chapel are refurbished stained-glass panels that show the history of the 82nd airborne and various combat missions starting with World War one...

Ben Able: Most recently there was a stained glass window that was dedicated in honor of  the airborne troopers who have served in Iraq and Afganistan. And they were moved from the old division memorial chapel to the new chapel..and really are a very significant part of the life of the inside of that worship space.

The total price-tag for the new chapel: 13-and-a-half million dollars. It was dedicated at a special ceremony earlier this week.