NCAA Issues New Allegations Against UNC In Fraud Scandal

Dec 23, 2016

The NCAA has issued new allegations against UNC in the ongoing fraud scandal.
Credit yeungb / Wikipedia Creative Commons

The NCAA has issued a new set of allegations against the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill over the years-long academic fraud scandal.

The body accuses the university of operating fake classes, and helping college athletes into them to keep their grades up.

UNC Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham said he'll fight the allegations.

“When they violate the process, I don't know what our remedy or recourse is, but I'm certain we're going to explore every one of them,” said Cunningham. “Because I think we owe it to this institution and we owe it to the other members of the association. You can't chase things just because you have an opinion.”

Cunningham said the NCAA did not allow UNC to enter some evidence into the record, and he accuses the body of violating its process.

This is the university's third and most serious notice of allegations from the NCAA in its renewed investigation.