NC Wraps Up One of its Warmest Winters

Mar 20, 2012

It's the first day of Spring but it may feel like winter never really settled in. State Climatologist Ryan Boyles says it was the 8th-warmest winter on record in North Carolina and the 6th-driest. He says that's had some up-sides.

Ryan Boyles: Recreation has been much higher this year; people have been able to really get out and enjoy the outdoors this past winter because we've had such mild temperatures. Snow removal costs have been very small this past winter, especially compared to the previous two winters. But there are some negative impacts as well.

Boyles says those include more insects this Spring, because fewer died over the winter - and an increased risk of drought as vegetation sprouts earlier. The National Weather Service expects the current warm weather to continue for the next few weeks but Boyles says research shows that a warm winter and Spring don't necessarily mean an especially hot summer ahead.