NC Tornado Victims' Extended Deadline Approaches

Jun 27, 2011

Victims of North Carolina's April tornadoes are entering their last week to apply for disaster aid. The Federal Emergency Management Administration extended the deadline from last week to July 5th. The extension came after the state said less than a quarter of victims who claimed they needed assistance had submitted applications. Officials also added Alamance County to the list of North Carolina disaster areas last week. North Carolina Emergency Management spokeswoman Julia Jarema says some residents are still assessing the damage done to their homes.

Julia Jarema: "Sometimes it's really clear cut and obvious when there's a lot of damage in some of the counties. Cumberland, Robeson, and Wake County had a tremendous amount of damage. But in other areas like Alamance County and even Tyrrell County, that damage may not have been quite so obvious because it wasn't quite so widespread."
Jarema says state and federal officials have approved more than $15 million in aid to nearly 6,000 damaged buildings. April's tornadoes killed 24 people in North Carolina.