NC State Drafts Long-Term Savings Plan

Mar 15, 2011

North Carolina State University is reorganizing many of its departments and services to prepare for more budget cuts. The plan includes eliminating at least five high-ranking positions and merging different student services under one roof. State officials have told public schools to prepare for budget cuts of as much as 15 percent. N.C. State has seen budget cuts every year since 2007.

Provost Warwick Arden says the plan is meant to be a long-term solution for saving money. "Rather than taking the budget cuts as they come to us each year - and saying, 'OK, how are we going to deal with this, this year?' - we really need to realign the way we do a lot of our business," he says.

The plan recommends a review of 173 classes with low enrollment and cutting those that don't bring in a certain number of students. University leaders expect to consolidate many services by this summer.