NC RNC Delegates Waiting Out Isaac

Aug 27, 2012

North Carolina’s delegates to the Republican National Convention are waiting out Hurricane Isaac.

Today’s schedule has been cancelled, as the storm moves through the Gulf of Mexico. So North Carolina’s 55 delegates and 52 alternates have had to keep busy in other ways.

Wayne King is the chair of the state’s G.O.P delegation to the convention.

Wayne King: It’s very minimal impact to our delegation. We’ve got things planned for everybody to do. We’re looking forward to speannding time with our great North Carolinians and the Minnesota delegation, here at our hotel.

Three of the state’s Republican Congressional candidates were scheduled to speak at the Convention today. G.O.P. candidates Mark Meadows and Richard Hudson have had their speeches moved to Tuesday. But another candidate, David Rouzer, chose not to travel to Tampa, due to the weather.