NC Residents Get Older

May 20, 2011

The government continues to roll out new details from the 2010 Census.  Figures released yesterday show North Carolina residents are getting older.

The median age of North Carolinians is 37-point-4 years. Ten years ago – the median age was 35. Bob Coats is the liaison between the Governor’s Office and the Census Bureau.  He explains one of several possible reasons for the age increase.

Bob Coats:  "There’s been a lot of out migration – folks moving from the Northeast and around the Great Lakes.  And those folks have been moving south and southwest.  So some of what we’re seeing with our population increase and with our median age getting older could be the impact of folks that are moving in from those areas."

Coats says there is also speculation that as people moved to North Carolina looking for work, their families may have followed.   This could help explain why the average family size has also increased.