NC Population Grows by 100,000

Jan 8, 2013

North Carolina’s economy may not be growing as fast as lawmakers like. But the state’s population remains on an upward path. 

Numbers from the U-S Census Bureau show North Carolina has the fifth largest population growth in the country.  Ben Bolender is a Demographer with the Population Estimates Branch of the Census Bureau.  He says the state grew by 101-thousand people"

"About 60-thousand more people moved into North Carolina than moved out. So, that’s our net overall migration number."

But what about the rest?

Ben Bolender: "The other 40-thousand people comes from the difference between births and deaths. There were 40-thousand more births than there were deaths in North Carolina."

These new census numbers were calculated between July 2011 and July 2012.  Texas had the largest population increase – but North Dakota – with its natural gas boom – had the fastest growing population.