NC Military Bases Cutting Energy Costs

Oct 3, 2011

A recent study outlines efforts at North Carolina's military bases to help the Department of Defense reduce energy consumption. The report is from the Pew Charitable Trust. It says Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune are using energy reduction projects and bio-fuel to cut costs. Coby Jones is the energy program coordinator at Fort Bragg. He says recent renovations have cut energy consumption by 23 percent at 30 of the base's older buildings.

Coby Jones: "When we say we're going to try to reduce two percent, three percent, five percent, that might be small in some people's minds. But when you have a $43 million electric bill a year, knocking two, three, five, even ten percent off that is huge."
The state's Military Affairs Advisor says Camp Lejeune used its first tank of bio-fuel in a garrison vehicle this summer. The Navy hopes to reduce fuel consumption by 15 percent in the next 10 years.