NC Members Reflect Debt Impasse

Jul 19, 2011

Members of Congress from North Carolina are weighing in on the talks in Washington about the debt ceiling. The country could default on its debt after August 2nd if a deal isn't reached between Congress and the White House. Much of the impasse centers around taxes. Second district Representative Renee Ellmers says she is with her Republican colleagues who say tax increases are off the table.

Rep. Renee Ellmers: "If we can get our businesses back with that uncertainty removed, where we've cut back on regulation and we've said we're not going to raise taxes and we can get on a plan of sound tax reform, that's going to create an atmosphere of certainty, people are going to be hired, and you know what? There were be more tax revenue coming into the government."
But Democratic Representative Brad Miller of the 13th district says government services would take a hit if Congress decides to balance the budget without some tax increases.

Rep. Brad Miller: "If we don't care about whether Americans get Medicare or Social Security or whether we provide for education for our children or job training at community colleges, that's probably true, but I think Americans expect that and I think our economy depends upon it. And it is penny-wise and pound foolish not to do those things."
The House considers a GOP-sponsored bill Tuesday that includes a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.