NC Job Growth Limited to Metro Areas

Jan 4, 2013

North Carolina’s metropolitan areas show some positive momentum in the jobs front. But three areas in the state lag behind the rest.

Almost 100-percent of the job growth in North Carolina since the end of the recession in 2009 has occurred in the state’s metropolitan areas.   And Allan Fryer, a policy analyst with the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center says 90-percent of the job growth has occurred in only three metro areas – Raleigh, Charlotte and Durham.

Allan Fryer:  "Overall the state saw an average of three percent job growth over the last year but Fayetteville and Wilmington just saw an employment growth rate of two-tenths of a percent and Winston-Salem actually fell further behind."

Fryer says Winston-Salem lost jobs in the last year.  The latest figures show the number of North Carolina workers employed in November dropped by 22-thousand people.