NC Gets Federal Funding to Fight Mortgage Fraud

Jan 4, 2013

The fight against mortgage fraud and other financial crimes just got a little easier in North Carolina – thanks to a new Financial Crimes Initiative.

Ben David is the District Attorney for New Hanover and Pender counties and heads the state conference of D-As. He says the rise in mortgage fraud and other scams is what helped North Carolina get funding for a Financial Crimes Initiative.

Ben David:  "And that’s in part because criminals often see these crimes as low risk and high reward.   You can steal more money with the click of a mouse button or with a pen and a checkbook than you can frequently with a gun and a ski mask."

The National Mortgage Settlement is paying for the new initiative.  David says the money will be used to hire a White Collar Crime Resource Prosecutor, regional prosecutors and other experts to aggressively investigate, prosecute and recover stolen dollars.