NC Delegates Wrap Up Week In Tampa

Aug 31, 2012

North Carolina's delegates to the Republican National Convention are headed home, after their big week in Tampa. Delegate John Steward from Union County joined thousands of fellow party members at Mitt Romney's nomination acceptance speech last night. He says he likes that Romney is not backing away from cutting federal spending.

John Steward says, "I really liked the fact they're not backing off the Medicaid and Medicare - the only way to save it is to reform it and they're not backing off of that."

The presidential nominee barely mentioned those topics in his speech. But his vice presidential pick Paul Ryan is famous for his budget plan's massive changes to the federal health programs. Romney and Ryan will now hit the campaign trail. Steward says he believes the party has put a contentious primary behind it and is ready to work for Romney. The Democrats hold their convention in Charlotte next week.