NC Delegates Await Romney's Big Speech At RNC

Aug 30, 2012

In Tampa, Republicans are eagerly awaiting Mitt Romney's big speech tonight. Attendees at the Republican National Convention were enthused by Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's speech last night and North Carolina's delegates were no exception. Helen Eckman from Beaufort County says she likes Ryan's promise that if he and Mitt Romney are elected, they'll limit federal spending.  She wants Romney to adopt much of the budget Ryan proposed in the U.S. House.

Helen Eckman says,  "It’s the starting--it’s the building block. And he’ll get input, obviously, from Romney because he’ll be the president. But it’s a good starting building block and much of it should be implemented I think."

Eckman says Ryan's budget makes necessary tough decisions. Meanwhile, the party is also trying to feature women and minority speakers at its convention this week.  It’s a response to criticisms from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and others that the party needs diversity. North Carolina delegate Ada Fisher from Salisbury attended a meeting of black Republicans to talk about the issue.

Ada Fisher says, "It was a good conversation. One of the things we charge the media is to tell the truth. I saw a poll that says there are no black Republicans. Well I’ve been black all my life and I’ve been a Republican since I’ve been voting."

Fisher is a member of the Republican National Committee and a former U.S. House and Senate candidate. She says the idea the party doesn't appeal to minorities is false.