NC Conference Addresses Childhood Hunger

Jan 19, 2012

State leaders and advocates against child hunger are gathering in Raleigh today for a conference to collaborate on ways to address the problem.

Leoneda Inge:  People will come from across the state from faith-based organizations, food banks and more to attend the “No Kid Hungry North Carolina Childhood Hunger Conference.”  Tamara Baker is the program manager for No Kid Hungry North Carolina.  She says childhood hunger is on the rise because more families are short on resources.

Tamara Baker:  And in fact, there are new families coming to the scene that wouldn’t have been on the radar last year because many of them are losing their homes, they’re having to make decisions, they have jobs with less income than they had previously.

Baker says numbers show more than one-in-four children in North Carolina are at risk of being food insecure that means they don’t have sufficient nutrition in order to sustain themselves.