NC Chamber Outlines Path To Economic Growth

Mar 27, 2013

Governor McCrory spoke Wednesday at a North Carolina Chamber event in Greensboro about how he believes the state can best grow the economy and create jobs. The Republican leader of the state offered five areas in which he says the most attention is needed. He also hinted that in the coming weeks he will propose significant reform to Medicaid and the tax code. 

The NC Chamber's plan to grow the economy has four main principals.

“It’s over 40 years old, it’s time to change, it’s time to remain more competitive. My major goal of tax reform is to at least become competitive with our neighboring states with regard to income tax and the corporate tax,” McCrory said.

A vision for 2030 was released by the North Carolina Chamber at its annual meeting.  The broad long-term vision called on improving four areas: education and talent supply, business climate, entrepreneurship and infrastructure.

"Certainly paying attention to a state that will add 3 million more people by 2030. So investing in transportation, infrastructure, water, sewer, broadband, the kind of things that aren’t really sexy but you have to invest in to be serious about growth,” said Lew Ebert, President and CEO of the Chamber.