NC Agriculture Exports Hit Record $3.75 Billion

Dec 4, 2012

North Carolina Agriculture products are in growing demand around the world according to new numbers from the US Department of Agriculture.

The USDA reports North Carolina agriculture exports hit 3.75-billion dollars last year.  That makes the state 11th in the nation for overall ag exports.  The latest export numbers also set a record for North Carolina.  Peter Thornton is an International Marketing spokesman for the state ag department.

Peter Thornston:  "North Carolina products, the value added products are some of the best in the world. And you see generally a large rising middle class from around the world that is demanding these products.  And we are perfectly situated to deliver them."

The USDA tracks 20 commodities for their annual report.  North Carolina saw increases in almost all sectors – including significant jumps in pork, chicken meat, wheat and cotton.