Nanotech Commercialization Conference

Apr 4, 2012

The scientific concept of nano-technology became popular in the 1990s.  A conference this week in Durham focuses on the commercial applications of nano-technology.

Leoneda Inge:  Today kicks off a two-day Nanotech Commercialization Conference at American Tobacco in Durham.   John Hardin heads the office of Science and Technology at the North Carolina Department of Commerce, a sponsor of the conference.   He says there will be many researchers at the conference but also many business developers.

John Hardin:  Many of the things that nanotechnology will help bring about we can’t even envision at the moment.   But, we’ll be able to not only improve the economy with new jobs and new skills that are needed, we’ll also be able to improve the human condition with new types of therapies.

Hardin says there are likely more than 100 companies across the state incorporating nano-technology in their products.