Name That Governor - New Poster Going To Schools

Aug 22, 2013

The succession of North Carolina Governors poster.
Credit NC Bankers Association

Curious to know what all the North Carolina governors looked like? Now you can see all 68 (well, most of them) in one place, thanks to the North Carolina Bankers Association. They’ve reissued their poster of the state’s gubernatorial lineage, which hadn’t been updated in more than 50 years.  

From 1776 revolutionary Richard Caswell up to current Governor Pat McCrory, the poster shows a range of men sporting some impressive wigs, mustaches and even something that resembles a mohawk (check out Richard Spaight Jr., 1835-36). Beverly Perdue is the only woman on the poster. The NC Bankers Association presented their updated poster to Governor McCrory, and they also plan to distribute the poster to the entire North Carolina public school system and all private schools.

Before its update, the poster included images of all but six governors from 1776 (Caswell) to 1954 (Luther H. Hodges).  With a little reasearch, the Bankers Association was able to locate two of the six missing photos of past governors, and has added the latest nine to the poster. They hope that it will be useful to students across the state. If students don’t use it for brushing up on history, it at least provides a good snapshot of men’s fashion and facial hair trends from the past two centuries.