Movies On The Radio: What's Your Favorite Bad Movie?

Jun 19, 2015

Credit Keith Weston / WUNC

Sometimes you watch a movie and realize that it is just, well...bad. Maybe the acting is subpar or the film lacks a cohesive plot. But sometimes you watch these so-called bad movies and realize you actually like them. Despite the puns, cheesy sound effects or box office flop, you like the movie but don't want everyone knowing how much you like it. Some of these movies probably deserve Golden Razzy consideration. 

For the next Movies On The Radio conversation, we want your input. What's your favorite bad movie? What's a movie that you are embarrassed to admit you like? Do you think Snow Dogs is Cuba Gooding Jr.'s greatest work? Or perhaps you think RV with Robin Williams is a cinematic masterpiece. Do you have the Blair Witch Project, Hot Tub Time Machine or Plan 9 From Outer Space in your all-time movie pantheon? Let us know in the form below!