More Rainfall Lessens Statewide Drought

Apr 19, 2013

State drought map. Yellow counties are abnormally dry, tan counties are moderately dry.
Credit State Division of Water Resources

North Carolina’s drought conditions are better than they were one year ago. Last April, 53 counties were experiencing a moderate drought – the lowest of the four drought categories. This year only eight of the state’s 100 counties are currently receiving that classification.

Sarah Young, with the Division of Water Resources, says the state has received sufficient rain during recent weeks, but adds that forecasters don’t yet know how much precipitation can be expected moving forward.

"As we get further into the summer they may have a little bit better of an idea, but right now there is just no good guidance going into the next couple of months,” she says.

Young also says this is the time of year when water use starts to increase and that remains a factor with summer approaching.