Mel Brooks Hearts NPR

Mar 1, 2013
Originally published on February 28, 2013 8:22 pm

Mel Brooks is showcasing his work in television, short films, music and beyond in a new multimedia box set called The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection Of Unhinged Comedy.

The multi-talented entertainer spoke with NPR Host Renee Montagne on Morning Edition about the collection and his long career in comedy, which Brooks says replaced his dream of becoming a salesman. That aspiration lasted until his uncle, a New York cab driver, introduced Brooks to Broadway. After that, he knew he wanted to perform.

Listen to the interview to hear Brooks sing one song he's particularly proud of, and talk about the movie he says he took "vulgar" humor a little too far.

"I'm very proud of having bad taste," he told Montagne.

On the day he was at NPR West, Brooks saw a newspaper in our lobby prominently featuring his son's book World War Z, and happily talked to us about his child, his movies and the myriad of other things you discuss with the man who created The Producers. After all the chatting, Brooks proudly posed with a copy of the newspaper and for the finale, a display of NPR love.

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