Meet Rex Miller

Oct 17, 2011

Professional tennis players like to say that to master the game, you must first log no less than 10,000 hours on the court. Rex Miller crossed that threshold before the age of 10. Both of Miller’s parents were tennis players and they often brought him to the court as a child, first to observe, then to learn the game. Miller followed in their footsteps and played competitively for many years, but eventually he was distracted from tennis by his true calling: visual storytelling. He is now an award-winning photographer and a documentary filmmaker. Still, the game of tennis often serves as an inspiration for him to share the experiences of an individual, a community or a culture. Miller is currently working on a documentary about the life of pioneering tennis pro Althea Gibson. He joins host Frank Stasio to talk about that project and other stories tennis has introduced him to.

This program originally aired on May 2, 2011. For a link to the audio, click here.