Meet Ping Fu

Feb 21, 2011

Growing up in China, Ping Fu watched soldiers murder two of her teachers, lost her parents to re-education camps and suffered rape for trying to rescue her sister from drowning. She survived her childhood only to be imprisoned during college for her research into China's history of infanticide. She was deported and made her way to the United States where she became the creator and CEO of Geomagic, a 3-D software company based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. Fu's technology is used by NASA, NASCAR and many others. 

Update 8/6/2013 - Ping Fu Responds To On-Going Controversy
The State of Things invited Ping Fu to return to the show and discuss the controversy surrounding her memoir. She declined to do so saying, “After selling Geomagic to 3D Systems, I have transitioned from a private entrepreneur to an executive in a public company. I can not grant any interview without corporate approval.”