Meet Nia Wilson

Jan 30, 2012

Nia Wilson

Nia Wilson can’t remember a time she wasn’t surrounded by children - from her 7 siblings to the neighborhood kids that took advantage of her parents' open door policy in Norwalk, CT to her time spent as a child caregiver and in training as a pediatric nurse. When she relocated from the North to Durham, NC, Wilson brought her two children and her niece, who she had full custody of. Shortly after, she became involved in Spirit House, a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote social change through art and media. Spirit House’s youth program engages students from Durham Public Schools and educates them about society’s social injustices. But Wilson, who now serves as the organization’s executive director, says she’s the one who learns the most at Spirit House. She joins host Frank Stasio to talk about what the kids at Spirit House have taught her and about some of the creative projects they’re working on, including a new stage production about America’s prison system called “Collective Sun: Reshape the Mo(u)rning”.