McCrory Surveys Education Reforms

Aug 15, 2014

Gov. Pat McCrory
Credit Dave DeWitt

Governor Pat McCrory praised the Legislature for raising teacher pay in its last budget. He also expressed some disappointment that several of his signature efforts in education were not included.

McCrory spoke to the Education Conference of the North Carolina Chamber.

The Governor’s initial budget included smaller teacher raises than what was eventually passed. But the concept of paying teachers more at the beginning of their careers was one the Governor and Legislature shared, as was simplifying the teacher pay schedule.

But one of McCrory’s most important teacher pay reforms was not adopted by the General Assembly. The Career Pathways for Teachers program would have made it possible for teachers to make more money if they took on leadership roles within their schools.

“Why shouldn’t the top teacher in the school have the chance, sometime in their career, to make as much as the principal?” McCrory asked.

McCrory had asked for nearly $10 million to pilot the Career Pathways for Teachers program. He says he will continue to pursue that initiative.