McCrory Speaks Up About Abortion Regulation Bill

Jul 8, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory
Credit NC Governor's Office

Governor Pat McCrory gave his first press conference in six months at the governor's mansion today.

He said he and legislators are coming close to reaching an agreement on tax reform, which would pave the way for producing a state budget.

McCrory also said the Senate's quick passage of a bill last week that would result in shutting down most of the state's abortion clinics was not the best way to pass such a controversial measure. McCrory said there's a fine line between restrictions on abortion and safety measures that protect women.

"I wanna make sure that any legislation we pass on this very difficult, emotional, and complex issue really is intended to help the safety of women throughout this state, and that's my primary goal, and that's what I hope they discuss during the next several days or weeks or months, whatever it takes," said McCrory.

McCrory also talked about the closing of a Durham abortion clinic over the weekend because of safety concerns.  A House committee plans to discuss the bill tomorrow morning. The bill will either return to the Senate for concurrence or be moved to a conference committee for more discussion.