McCrory Sets Up Transition Team

Nov 8, 2012

North Carolina's next governor, Pat McCrory, has set up a team of advisors to help him make the transition to his administration in January. Former Charlotte City Council member John Lassiter is the senior chairman of transition operations, and former Durham city councilman Thomas Stith has been named transition director. McCrory says he's already spoken with Republican legislative leaders who control both the House and the Senate. But he says he will take a bipartisan approach to governing the state.

Pat McCrory: "I'm looking for solutions. That's what I'm looking for. One of the things I'm emphasizing to these people behind me- I want problem solvers around me. And I'm going to be looking where are the problem solvers in the state legislature. And I don't think problem solvers necessarily have a label on their forehead."

Another member of McCrory's transition team is Art Pope, a Raleigh businessman and former legislator who's donated heavily to Republican causes. McCrory wouldn't talk about his legislative priorities. Earlier today, he met with Governor Perdue, who he called gracious and cooperative.