McCrory Responds To Lawmakers Who Canceled Vetoes

Sep 4, 2013

McCrory said that he'd essentially ignore one law and work around the other.
Credit NC Governor's Office

State lawmakers have successfully overridden two bills that Governor Pat McCrory vetoed.

One is a measure that would require welfare recipients to be tested for drugs. The other expands an exception designed to allow farmers and other employers to skip a requirement to verify workers' immigration status.

When asked whether the overrides indicate a rift between lawmakers and the governor, Senate President Phil Berger denied it.

"There were three bills that the governor pointed to. One that he didn't sign, two that he vetoed. Under any math that anyone does, what you would have to say is that there is not just substantial but overly substantial agreement between the General Assembly and the governor's office," said Berger.

But the governor then issued a statement saying he would essentially ignore one law and work around the other. Senator Berger then followed up with a statement saying that lawmakers expect the governor to perform his constitutional duty to execute laws passed by the General Assembly.