McCrory And Tata Defend Creation Of Pink Licenses

Mar 6, 2013

Governor Pat McCrory took on a major state issue following a meeting Tuesday with several North Carolina mayors.   McCrory's meeting with members of the Metro Mayors Coalition addressed issues that are critical to cities and towns trying to cope with sequestration, transportation issues and taxation.  The Governor also answered questions on a hot legislative issue.  He disagrees with immigrants' advocates who say pink driver's licenses are no more than a scarlet letter.

Credit NC Governor's Office

"Those people don't think it ought to have any identification regarding legal status versus legal presence..and there is a legal distinction between legal status and legal presence," McCrory said.

Transportation Secretary Tony Tata says the color shouldn't be controversial at all.

"The document that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals individuals receive from Homeland Security has the same color header as we are suggesting on this license," Tata said.

McCrory says he's taken opinions of sheriffs and the state attorney general into consideration on this issue.