A Look Back, 50 Years After Duke Integration

Jan 22, 2013

In the fall of 1963, five undergraduate black students walked onto the campus at Duke University, integrating one of the last remaining segregated schools in the South. Their experience -- and that of the African-American students who followed -- was challenging as they overcame overt racism, biased faculty and social isolation.

Allen Building Study-in November 13, 1967
Credit duke.edu

Host Frank Stasio speaks with several generations of black students at Duke, including: Nat White, Jr., class of 1967 and a member of the first class at Duke; Dr. Brenda Armstrong, class of 1970; Maureen Cullins, class of 1976; and John Thelin, professor of education at the University of Kentucky and author of "A History of American Higher Education" (The Johns Hopkins University Press/2004).