Listeners Comment: NC Ranks #7 On List Of Nation’s Worst Drivers

Dec 17, 2013

Louisiana (in red) has the nation's worst drivers.

Apparently we've hit a nerve. We posted the news that North Carolina was tied for 7th for the dubious honor of nation's worst drivers. It was our most viewed story through Twitter yesterday. (See the original story below.)

The original story, posted Monday 12/16/13:

Texting and driving, drinking and driving, distracted driving, careless driving. Crashes, fatalities. Every year, horrific things happen out there on the roads. And more and more of us are getting on the roads to drive during the holiday season. has now taken that data and ranked all 50 states.

The best drivers? Vermont.

The worst? Louisiana.

And North Carolina? Unfortunately, NC ranks near the top of the worst states where we’re tied with Missouri for #7. We received particularly high points for “careless driving.”

Parse the numbers yourself here.

Update Tuesday 12/17/13 4:45 p.m.

People are certainly commenting about this on our Facebook page and on Twitter. Here's a sample:

Jay says:

Anyone who has driven I-40 in or around the Triangle during rush hour knows that # 7 is being charitable....

Luna admits to getting heated about the topic:

Rant! I've never had road rage before I moved here. I once had a person honk then roll down their window and scream profanities at me (literally) in downtown chapel hill because I was taking too long to make a right turn. When they tried to pass me they realized why I was stopped and had to slam on their breaks to not hit pedestrians crossing the road. As if I was just stopped there for fun!


only #7? I've lived in 6 states, and BY FAR NC has the worst drivers of anywhere I lived. For example, does anyone here know what the 3 second rule is? Or that a yellow light means SLOW DOWN? (ok I'm done ranting now. whew! I was rear-ended twice in the first year I lived here. Both times I was slowing down for a red light, while the person behind me had already decided to run it.)

Cindy wonders if there's something bigger at play:

So, why does NC seem to be at the bottom of about every list published? Seriously?

What's your most memorable driving story? Comment here or on Facebook.