Lenovo Launches Mobile "App" High School Program

Jan 25, 2012

Lenovo has helped launch a new program that teaches mobile “app” development to high school students.

Leoneda Inge:  Lenovo and the National Academy Foundation are piloting the mobile “app” development program at five high schools across the country – including Apex High School.  Matthew Wight (white) is principal of Apex High School.  He hopes the program will help steer more students towards math, science and other STEM coursework.  He says they are excited.

Matthew Wight:  You know, these are all high school kids. So after the press conference, the first thing they did was to hit the food. And once they got some food they got over on a table and they were going to town on those tablets, so they have actually hit the ground running.

Later this year students from Apex, Los Angeles, Waco, New York and Hartford will show off their work.