Legislature Passes Abortion Regulations

Jul 25, 2013

The Senate gave final approval to a bill that regulates clinics that perform abortions.
Credit Matthew Lenard

The North Carolina Legislature has passed new regulations for clinics that perform abortions. It was one of the final bills passed last night by the Senate.

On a day of contentious debates in both the Senate and House, arguments over the bill with the title “Motorcycle Safety Act” stood out as especially passionate.

The bill was amended from its original intent several weeks ago to include restrictions on clinics that perform abortion. The House then tweaked it presumably to satisfy the Governor. Now it requires clinics to be brought up to relevant standards of surgery centers, and for doctors to be present for the first dose of an abortion drug.

“What’s the matter with taking care of our women and girls?” asked Senator Thom Goolsby, a Republican who supported the bill.

Opponents said it restricted a woman’s choice.

“You say you care about women and their health yet you throw a bill that is so critical to woman’s health under a nebulous title that has nothing to do with it,” said Senator Gladys Robinson, a Democrat. “It’s a charade.”

The bill now goes to the Governor’s desk.