Leading Democratic Voice, Rick Glazier, To Leave N.C. House of Representatives

Jun 10, 2015

Rep. Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland)
Credit Creative Commons / Wikimedia

Rep. Rick Glazier, a leading Democratic voice in the state House, announced Wednesday that he will be stepping down. The attorney from Fayetteville will become executive director of the North Carolina Justice Center, a left-leaning nonprofit.

Glazier, who served as a representative for 13 years, championed issues relating to social justice. He focused on education; he works as an adjunct professor at Campbell Law School and previously served on the Cumberland County school board.  

“Service comes in many forms and recently I’ve been given an enormous opportunity to impact even further, progress on issues that dominate our work and my work…issues of poverty and equal opportunity and social justice,” he said on the House floor.

Democratic Rep. Marvin Lucas, who is also from Cumberland County, praised Glazier for his late nights researching at the legislature.

“He possesses just impressive, extemporaneous legalese,” Lucas said.

Glazier is known for working closely with Republicans to reach compromises on legislation.

“He stood firm for his convictions, yet was a key player in bipartisan negotiations in the House, and will be missed by colleagues on both sides of the aisle,” said House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) in a press release.

Within hours of Glazier’s announcement, other Republican Party state leaders released statements criticizing Glazier and the Justice Center.  

“You can expect it [the center] to push more false talking points to try and obstruct the 'Carolina Comeback,'" GOP executive director Todd Poole said in a statement.

Glazier says he intends to resign at the end of the long session.