Lawmakers Pass Broadband Bill

May 6, 2011

 State lawmakers have passed a measure that would make it harder for cities and towns to build their own Internet broadband systems. 

 The controversial bill passed the Senate earlier this week and returned yesterday to the House for concurrence. Supporters say it's not fair that municipalities don't have to follow the same regulations that commercial providers do. But a few Democratic lawmakers still fired whatever shots they could at the measure. Democrat Bill Faison represents Caswell and Orange counties. 

Bill Faison:" This is the bill should be retitled the Time Warner cable anti-competitive bill, it's a New York company bill, it's not even folks from around here's bill, to keep our municipalities from providing services to their citizens."

The measure would require municipal broadband providers to follow more regulations and pay more taxes. At least five municipalities that already offer broadband would be exempt if the governor decides to sign the bill into law.