Lawmakers At Odds Over Medicaid Shortfall

Dec 7, 2011

Lawmakers are still at odds over how to close a projected 139 million dollar shortfall in the state's Medicaid budget. Governor Bev Perdue has accused Republican leaders in the General Assembly of breaking their promise to help close a spending gap. Democratic Representative Verla Insko says legislators must decide how to come up with the money.

Verla Insko: "The only solution is for the General Assembly to appropriate more money to cover the shortfall. Since it is an entitlement and we're required by federal law to provide these services and to pay for them. We have no option except to appropriate money and find the money in the budget."
But Republican leaders say the governor must come up with the money and stay within the budget they passed earlier this year. If Republicans want to vote to appropriate more money they would have to hold another mini-session to do that.