Lawmakers Meet Drop-Dead Legislative Deadline

May 17, 2013

North Carolina State Legislature
Credit Dave Crosby / Flickr

The deadline for Crossover hit the North Carolina General Assembly yesterday, striking some bills dead for the session. The self-imposed deadline requires that legislation pass at least one chamber to stay under consideration.

A variety of legislation was pushed through this week, including measures that would reform the grievance process for fired state workers, allow health insurers in health exchanges to refuse coverage for abortion and a law that would ban the Muslim Sharia law in North Carolina.

Some measures that didn’t make it include a bill that would have rolled back restrictions on where smokers are allowed to consume cigarettes, and an attempt to repeal the state’s renewable energy policy.

Host Frank Stasio talked today about the General Assembly session so far with  WRAL Multimedia Investigative Reporter Mark Binker; Democratic Sen. Mike Woodard; and Republican Representative Paul Stam, Speaker Pro Tempore of the House..

Legislation related to tax changes and spending can still be introduced during the remainder of the General Assembly session, but no other new bills can be proposed.