Lawmakers Divided Over Commissions Compromise

Apr 25, 2013

The North Carolina House of Representatives
Credit Jessica Jones

Legislators in Raleigh can't agree over a bill that would revamp several important state boards and commissions.

Members of the House and Senate have worked to reach a compromise for several weeks over Senate Bill 10. The measure would strip many boards and commissions of members so Governor McCrory could appoint new ones.

Lawmakers had agreed to a compromise that would allow special Superior Court judges appointed before April 1 to serve out their terms. After that the governor would not be able to appoint replacements.

The Senate approved the measure 32 to 18. But House lawmakers voted unanimously to reject it, because Governor McCrory has appointed two judges since April first, though they haven't taken their seats yet. It's not clear whether both houses will try to resolve their differences over the measure.