Lawmakers Change Course On Pre-K

Jun 5, 2012

The State Legislature has reversed course on how many low-income four-year olds are eligible for pre-kindergarten programs.

Dave DeWitt: As part of its effort to cut costs and streamline pre-k programs in the state, the Legislature last year appeared to cap the number of low-income kids at 20 percent. Proponents of Pre-K programs brought the case before Judge Howard Manning, who ruled that the law was unconstitutional. He ordered the state to admit all eligible at-risk four-year olds.

The state chose to appeal that decision, and oral arguments were heard this afternoon. But this morning, the State Legislature backtracked and quickly passed a bill through both chambers that increased eligibility to 80 percent of at-risk four-year olds.

The new pre-K bill now goes to Governor Perdue’s desk.