Latest Complaint On Durham PD Says Investigators Make Inappropriate Payments To Drug Informants

Mar 14, 2014

Credit Durham Police Department

Durham city officials are looking into a complaint that police made inappropriate payments to drug informants.

An advocacy group says police paid informants and didn’t disclose it, which is required by law.

Attorneys from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice also say police unfairly target black and Hispanic people. The department denies any wrongdoing.

"My objective," said Durham Councilman Steve Schewell on WUNC's The State of Things, "is to make sure that there is not a scintilla of racial profiling in Durham, that there’s no place for it and that whatever policies that need to be made so that does not occur are made."

Listen to the full conversation, which also includes WUNC's political reporter Jorge Valencia:

A group of Durham residents appointed by the city council is making recommendations on how to improve the relationship between police and community groups.