Kelly Services Looks for Talent

Jul 28, 2011

Many companies are still slow to bring back workers during the down economy.   But staffing agencies are busier than ever.

One of the largest staffing agencies in the country is Kelly Services.   And today they’re hosting a job fair at the McKimmon Center at N-C State.

Andrew Crawford is the North Carolina territory Vice President for Kelly Services.  He says over the last couple of years they didn’t need to have many job fairs because of the high number of job candidates.

Andrew Crawford:  "You hear the unemployment rate, but we’re still finding, our clients are finding, that for certain positions and certain skill sets it’s actually still hard to find the talent.  So that’s why we’re doing a job fair."
Today’s job fair is specifically for full-time jobs in health care information technology and for contract workers at an area financial call center.  They’re hoping to hire 400 workers.